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Hey Newgrounds!
My friend and I recently entered a contest being held by a film festival. The prize is a IMac Computer with a new video editor, which would be amazingly helpful for our movie making.
If you wanna be super awesome and help us win, click "like" in the video. You'll need to make a Vimeo account but it takes literally minutes

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Thanks a ton!

Also in other news Ajimbo and I are finally getting a move-on for a new animation series spoofing homer's Odyssey. Here's a sneak-peak pic.

Film Contest Entry + New Series


2009-11-13 01:07:28 by Jonimator

Hey hey hey
Is it just me or is beginning to feel alot like christmas? Atleast it seems like it at starbucks
anyways i've released some new art if any of you wanna check it out... and i was finally scouted too.

anywho WATCH THIS!


the picture is from the cover of a halloween novel i made when i was in kindergarten



2009-10-28 23:08:08 by Jonimator

Came out with a new short halloween animation!
its been about 3 years since i made a halloween one so i thought it was overdue.
check it out here


Front Page!

2009-09-29 19:45:19 by Jonimator

Well after many many long time of making animations, Ajimbo and I finally got featured on the front page with our newest animation. And mann is it sweet.
So thanks everyone for the great positive feed back.. and some of the more.. negative reviews.
they made me chuckle too.

this one in particular.
"Teacher should get the pattle for ur ass"

by: Kinchmire-BlackAura

WAS CRAP, you don't rip on what you grew up on. TRY AGAIN and this time make a real school bus trip. (Have miss. frizzal come back hotter then ever or something) *Sorry if i spelled the teachers' name wrong* Just fix it; We dont wanna see a old man or pregnet slut, or drugs.

Author's Response:
oh kinchmire-blackaura. lemme get this straight: you wanna use your childhood memories to build a stronger relationship with your right hand>??

complements to Ajimbo for the response.

New Magic School Bus animation!!

2009-09-24 22:10:09 by Jonimator

Hey everybody!
Ajimbo and I have been working our butts off to make this latest Brethren production animation, its about Ms. Frizzle's old class from the Magic School Bus.. later on in their school.

check it out!


also dont forget to review!

New Animation Line Up

2009-08-08 18:36:20 by Jonimator

After a year or two of taking a break from animations, The Bretheren, Ajimbo and myself, have decided to start pumping out some new animations.

So far we've released 2 recent animations, Adam and Eve, and Zeus and Hercules.
Currently were working on a Harry Potter spoof and a fairly long parody of Homer's Odyssey.
Be on the look out for these new movies!

A New Godly Animation

2009-07-06 01:10:18 by Jonimator

Finally got around to making a new animation!
Zeus and his son Hercules have some good fatherly chattin' about the birds and the bees.. or something along those lines.

Go watch it here!

here's a screen shot

A New Godly Animation