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WHAT?! Did you hear?!! Do you want to know?!!

2010-10-10 02:46:19 by Jonimator

Instead of spending time making another Magic School Bus animation like I'm supposed to I decided to spend a few hours of my life making an AMAZING FLASH with my bud. So please, check out said new animation, and review. Your thoughts are appreciated.

catch ya on the flipp side.

I removed the animation from the portal for obvious reasons but the links now go to the animation in the dump. so you can still enjoy it thoroughly :)

zombie movie & animation art

2010-08-06 00:07:13 by Jonimator

me and some buds made a zombie movie.. heres the trailer.

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also.. heres some character designs for an upcoming animation

zombie movie & animation art

Website up and running!!

2010-07-21 18:52:36 by Jonimator

Hey peoples
Haven't made any new animations lately, since my computer is being a douchebag, and also I'm lazy.
BUT my new website's up and running. So go take a look and give me some feedback about it, how it looked and such. Itd be greatly appreciated. It's a site for Ajimbo and my animations, so yeah brethren productions. Probably not alot of people know about us yet but we aim to change that.
anyways here the link to the site.

harry potter drama project

2010-06-19 13:05:10 by Jonimator

So other than provincial exams.. I'm finished another year of highschool. HAZA! And that means final projects! Oh boy!
So my friend and I made a Harry Potter spoof for our final drama project.
We were told we had have an extra kid in our group though, so that's what's going on with the one guy randomly spliced in here and there, just.. dont worry about him.

but yeah check it out

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Oh and animation wise Ajimbo and I are falling behind on our Magic School Bus sequel, but it'll be released eventually.

Magic School Bus episode 2

2010-04-10 19:31:18 by Jonimator

Well it's been decided
James and myself are making a sequel to our magic school bus animation. After spending quite awhile on our Odyssey animations we thought it'd be a fun change.
The art style will probably be a bit different but it will continue from where the first animation left off.
be on the look out for it.. in the next quite a while :P

New animation!! Check it out!!

2010-04-03 21:00:54 by Jonimator

After much toiling and brutal work and James myself have finished episode two!
Ahhhh bask in it's majesty!

There's not much more to say other than
Check it out and leave a review!

also there's a super stealth easter egg hidden in the menu screen.. can YOU find it?!

New animation!! Check it out!!


2010-03-17 19:27:27 by Jonimator

I was in the middle of working on my Saint Pattys Day Flash when I saw someone had already beat me to the joke and was on the frontpage with it!
So instead of going through all the effort of finishing an already used animation idea I decided Id just post whats done of it here
its quite unfinished as you can see, but I really wanted to post a saint pattys day animation!


aaand lets see, big animation project wise, Ajimbo and me are still working on the Odyssey series. Coming along fairly slowly but surely

And thats bout it


Sneak Peak!

2010-02-02 01:11:50 by Jonimator

AAHH! Snap shot from the new Odyssey episode!
first person to guess who the chicky is wins!

Sneak Peak!

Robert Downey Jr Kicks some feckin Ass!!

2010-01-18 00:26:12 by Jonimator

Just about the best fight sequence i've ever seen today. Robert Downey Jr is the man.

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Also, the next Odyssey animation is coming along nicely. Shouldn't be too long before it's released, so be on the look out.

that is all.

And it's finished!

2010-01-01 23:27:59 by Jonimator

A new year and a new animation series!
Ajimbo and I've finally released the first episode of ODYSSEUS: Table Side Tales. The CALL of the SIRENS.

Not much else to say other than..
here's the link.. and please enjoy

Happy New Years!!

And it's finished!