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Hey there, I'm the co-creator of Brethren Productions, along with Ajimbo. Check out our animations!

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Jonimator's News

Posted by Jonimator - September 26th, 2014

I can't figure out where the share options are to embed the Newgrounds version... But watch it here on Newgrounds! Or below, either or!


Posted by Jonimator - May 26th, 2014

They may be taking a break this sunday from airing Game of Thrones, but that's no reason not to get your fix!
Check out my new Game of Thrones animation featuring the voice of Ricepirate
For more animations, follow me on Newgrounds and over on YouTube!



Posted by Jonimator - April 4th, 2014

Do you like Game of Thrones? Do you think the internet has a lot of unoriginal content??!

Also, I love that Newgrounds now has embed codes. That's awesome!
Okay that's all! Cheers!

Wait! No, I'll also be releasing a second Game of Thrones parody this month, so keep a look out!

Posted by Jonimator - January 13th, 2014

Just released episode 5 of Magic School Bus - The Later Years! Check it out if you missed it yesterday!

Cheers! John and James

Posted by Jonimator - December 30th, 2013

Hey Newgrounds! Been awhile since I've posted anything, but we've got a new animation just around the corner! Here's a quick update video Ajimbo and myself put out -- for Magic School Bus - The Later Years ep5!

Should be released in early January! More animations soon!


Posted by Jonimator - September 18th, 2013

New animation up on Newgrounds! The follow up to Louis CK - Animated: If God Came Back!
I know the previous installment didn't get much attention on Newgrounds, so if you've missed it - Go check that one out now! Part Two is an animated version of Louis' classic bit on White People and Indians! Watch it here on Newgrounds! Or watch it right from this page, either way!

Posted by Jonimator - June 30th, 2013

Hey everyone!
Just released a new short toon! I decided to pay tribute to my favourite stand up comic, Louis CK, by animating a segment of "Live at the Beacon Theater" Go check it out on Newgrounds! In other news, I should be releasing some new animations soon! Hopefully the next episode of On The Palisade, so keep a look out!


Louis CK - Animated: If God Came Back

Posted by Jonimator - May 24th, 2013

Not 100,000,000 subscribers, but hey! It's something! Wanna be my 500th subscriber?! Go subscribe!
And for those of you who missed it, check out my Newgrounds Commercial I made for the NG commercial contest!

Working hard at putting out some new animations soon!

Posted by Jonimator - March 22nd, 2013

If you haven't already seen it, go check out the Newgrounds commercial I made for the NG Commercial Contest!

And for those of you who were fans of Ajimbo and my Magic School Bus series, we're currently working on getting the newest episode out as soon as possible. I've noticed alot of people seem surprised that the 4th episode was released awhile back, so if you missed it, check it out here!

And for those of you following Mick and my 'On The Palisade' series, a new episode is in the works for that too. So stay tuned!


Magic School Bus, NG Commercial & More!

Posted by Jonimator - February 13th, 2013

I'll keep it short and sweet, I made a Newgrounds commercial, for the contest being hosted by ForNoReason and Newgrounds. You should check it out here!

A Newgrounds Commercial

Like I said in the description, I've never really entered any contests here on Newgrounds and I want to become more involved with the community again, so I figured this would be a good way.

On a completely different note, I know it's a pretty not-done-thing-anymore, but is there anyone out there that knows how I'd go about changing my Newgrounds username? While Jonimator's a fun name and all, I feel like it might be a good idea to have the same username here as I do on all the other sites, like Youtube etc.. just to keep it current. Or I could just stick to Jonimator, for nostalgia sake alone :P

Anyway, cheers NG!

Newgrounds Commercial Contest entry!