Magic School Bus, NG Commercial & More!

2013-03-22 16:48:04 by Jonimator

If you haven't already seen it, go check out the Newgrounds commercial I made for the NG Commercial Contest!

And for those of you who were fans of Ajimbo and my Magic School Bus series, we're currently working on getting the newest episode out as soon as possible. I've noticed alot of people seem surprised that the 4th episode was released awhile back, so if you missed it, check it out here!

And for those of you following Mick and my 'On The Palisade' series, a new episode is in the works for that too. So stay tuned!


Magic School Bus, NG Commercial & More!


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2013-03-23 00:57:48

needs more Carlos

Jonimator responds:

More Carlos is on the way!


2013-05-08 23:33:05

Your NG commercial should've at least placed :( Can't wait to see the new Magic School Bus episode!

Jonimator responds:

Hey thanks man! Ah well. Working on MSB5 as we speak!