Game of Thrones Parody - Unoriginality is a Ladder

2014-04-04 16:18:37 by Jonimator

Do you like Game of Thrones? Do you think the internet has a lot of unoriginal content??!

Also, I love that Newgrounds now has embed codes. That's awesome!
Okay that's all! Cheers!

Wait! No, I'll also be releasing a second Game of Thrones parody this month, so keep a look out!


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2014-04-04 17:08:44

This was an epic parody, and an amazingly dramatic and realistic description on how youtube popularity measurements work.

In fact, I find it a bit impressive, and disappointing, that so many people doing the exact same thing all get famous, while the few people who try to make original videos are forced into obscurity. That's just how the cookie crumbles: people don't want new things, they want the familiar and the simple.

Great video, I'm fav'ing you and it.

Jonimator responds:

You've got it. Thanks so much! Cheers!


2014-04-04 21:15:06

YT is only as good as it's members, who've been sucking the tit of the internet for too long. Original content is created from living life, reading old stories from things called books, not falling back on internet culture to shorthand overused concepts....

Eh, I'm on an old TV show binge now anyway. Same problem exists for Newgrounds too, though it's much easier to find unique productions....

Jonimator responds:

The problem is there's certainly no shortage of content creators with original ideas, but those who are successful have to pace their original content with parodies... making this animation so ironic haha. Thanks for the comment!