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And I'm off!

2011-03-06 12:23:34 by Jonimator

Back in 2 weeks.

And I'm off!

The Button!

2011-02-27 14:54:59 by Jonimator

The other day me and a friend decided to make a short silly video. This was the result

It's by no means a masterpiece but whatever. We had fun making it :)
In other news, working on another episode of On The Palisade with RicePirate. This episode'll be a lot of fun. But I'm leaving town for 2 weeks pretty soon so it probably won't be done for a little while.
That's bout it for me at the moment.

On The Palisade!

2011-02-03 21:53:09 by Jonimator

Have a new animation out! It's got romans... and they're standing watch. So check it out and leave a review!
RicePirate did the voices for 2 of the characters, go check out his stuff too, it's awesome!
Alright, that's all.

On The Palisade!

New series + voice acting

2011-01-09 23:00:36 by Jonimator

It's got romans...
also, looking for voice actors. If you're interested in doing some voices for the new series and have a good quality mic shoot me a PM and I can give you more details.

wow thanks everyone who's let me know they're interested. I'll only be needing about 2 voices at the moment but I'll try to respond to everyone through PM in the next couple days after checking out all the different demos. Thanks again everyone

New series + voice acting

New Magic School Bus!

2010-12-18 16:07:21 by Jonimator

Episode three of Ajimbo and my Magic School Bus series is now out on Newgrounds!
Go check it out!
That's all
Merry Christmas!

New Magic School Bus!

Alien Footage!

2010-11-17 01:14:52 by Jonimator

Hey there, as long as your here, why don't you check out the video I made for my term project in theatre. Sweet.

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also, the music during the credits was by thatcomposerguy

Green Video Contest

2010-11-07 17:45:17 by Jonimator

Hey everyone
So my province is having a green video contest, and I submitted in a flash in hopes to get some extra funding for university and some time at a film school, but I could really use your help.
You'd need to make an account with an email, and verify the account and then you could vote. But each individual vote is worth 3, and I'm really close to being back in the top five. So if you'd be able to help me out here, please vote for my video!

my mind was temporarily blown

2010-11-07 01:58:21 by Jonimator

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Halloween related stuff

2010-10-31 16:37:22 by Jonimator

Well actually I didn't have anytime to make any halloween flashes this year, but I did make a craazzy animation last year! It's pretty messed up and I'm not really a huge fan of it. But watch it anyways! Cause it's a halloween animation.. and monty python.
Happy Halloween Newgrounds!

The next instalment of Magic School Bus is gonna be released this week.
that is all