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Highschool.. andd Youtube

2011-09-09 19:33:07 by Jonimator

Well I'm back at highschool after an amazing summer. But my God, the workload is ridiculous already and I'm not getting any time for animation. I was hoping to finish the next episode of On The Palisade this month but that doesn't seem likely to happen at this point.
For those of you who are fans of the Magic School Bus: The Later Years there are 3 more episodes in the works. Ajimbo's been working on the scripts and let me tell you, they are some hilarious shit. I honestly can't wait to animate them.
I'm also starting to put my animations up on the yhootube now. It's a place for me to upload my short animations that I deem unworthy of newgrounds, but still funny to watch.
Such as this one.


So if you like random short animations, subscribe to me there. It'll build self-esteem. And who doesn't want that right? Right.

Cool. Cool. Good talking to you.
Here's to the grads of 2012.

Musician Wanted for Series!

2011-08-23 20:05:47 by Jonimator

Hey there Newgrounders!
Ajimbo and myself are currently looking for a musician for our Magic School Bus series.
Before getting into anything else, there wouldn't be pay, simply because we're not making any money off the animations ourselves. It's just for the fun of creating.

Basically we want to replace all the copyrighted music that we took from the TV show, so we won't ever have to worry about legal issues.
We figured Newgrounds was full of music-y talent so we'd check to see if anyone here would be interested. If you are interested shoot me a PM and we'll see if we can figure something out. Awesome.

Here's the most recent episode. (You can watch them all on Newgrounds too)

Thanks in advance!
Cheers n such
- John

I'm happy to present to Newgrounds episode three of 'On The Palisade'!
For this episode RicePirate's taken a huge role in writing as well as voice acting (every single character other than marcus). So for those of you who have already seen the previous episodes, you may notice a slight change in the direction of the series, which I think is taking it down a very exciting path.
Anyways go check it out! :)

mr smith and I are sharing similar sentiments at the moment

Goddamn creepers

2011-07-14 01:47:41 by Jonimator

I was playing minecraft and I got blown up yet again by those dick-like green shits.
So i went into a rage and made this 10 second animation so I can watch it everytime they kill me.
I invite you to do the same.

Die damn you creeper. Die.

theres no preloader, so you might have to wait a few seconds or something I dunno

Goddamn creepers

Demo Reel

2011-06-24 15:14:19 by Jonimator

Finally got around to making a demo reel. Hopefully overtime I'll get better at making them, but anyways check it out. It's got stuff dating back to 2007.

A week today...

2011-06-15 01:25:52 by Jonimator

And I'm done another year of highschool.
Of course now I need a job. Too bad animation doesn't pay :P
Anyways, I finally figured out a way to put my animation files into video files. So boom:

If you like my stuff go subscribe! It'll boost moral :P Of course I'll always put my movies on Newgrounds first. Probably months in advance.. and the video quality is so much nicer here. I just wish Newgrounds could embed animations...
..well um here's a shot of On The Palisade 3 in the works. Cheers!

A week today...

Gettin' down to it

2011-06-07 20:16:51 by Jonimator

Well schools coming to a close again and I'm gonna have lots more time to focus on animation! Even though I'd like to pump out a whole lota new flashes, I doubt I'll actually get around to it. So I'm gonna be realistic here. This is what I'm hoping to have done this summer:

Some new episodes of On The Palisade, a series I'm working on with RicePirate. If you haven't seen or heard of this series you should definitely check it out! It's about a couple of Romans in ancient Britain... one slightly more irritating than the other.

Episode 4 of "Magic School Bus: the Later Years". This one's been a long time coming. Ajimbo and I have been working on this series since the beginning 2009 or something. Expect to see at least 2 more episodes sometime in the future! Hopefully sooner than later :) In the mean time, check out episode 3!

So those are my main plans, but I'd love to do some more collaborating with other artists on Newgrounds. Until recently I haven't really been active in the community, and I'm still not as active as I'd like to be. Maybe I'll work on the art for a game or something, we'll see :)

And that about sums it up! For those of you too lazy to read a monstrous chunk of text from an unknown animator, just go watch On the Palisade 2.

Take it away Humble Pie.

New Animation!

2011-05-06 20:59:03 by Jonimator

Not really much to be said, other than go check out On The Palisade ep2! Reviews are always appreciated :)
Also, Congrats to all the Pico Day Winners!

New Animation!


2011-04-16 14:27:59 by Jonimator

New animation, Check it out.
And here's a picture from 'On The Palisade ep2'


Just got back from Cuba!

2011-03-23 21:09:08 by Jonimator

Yep, one of the advantages of being Canadian. Hehehe ;P
Anyways I'm back to animating now and I'm working hard to finish the 2nd episode of On The Palisade. I have about four days left of springbreak though and it seems like it will take longer than that. None the less expect to see a new episode soon!

In other news the scripts are all finished for the next two Magic School School Bus episodes, but no voices have been recorded yet. To those of you who haven't seen the latest episode, and I'm sure there are lots, go watch it here!

Aaand to finish up here's a picture with me and some random dude in Cuba.

Just got back from Cuba!