Entry #57

Help us win 10,000 to produce an animated pilot!!

2014-11-12 22:59:39 by Jonimator

Newgrounds, we need your help!!

My brother, Ajimbo, and myself are currently in a contest hosted by STORYHIVE to win $10,000 - where the money goes to producing the pilot episode of our west coast-themed animated series 'The Adventures of Willa'!

For those of you who don't remember, or know our stuff, we're the dudes who made the Magic School Bus: The Later Years series, as well as alota other weird shit back in the day. We're looking to work full time on our new animated series, and you can help us by voting for our project!

To do so follow the link below, and click on vote project! You need to sign up with an email, but we'll love you forever (and its really quick!)


Love ya all!



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2014-11-13 00:26:08

I've never really seen you guys' animations before,but this actually looks pretty interesting. C:

Jonimator responds: