New Animation from RicePirate and Myself!

2012-12-08 10:40:06 by Jonimator

Episode 4 of On the Palisade is out in the portal! Check it out!
It's been a blast working on this series with Mick, hope ya enjoy watching it as much as I do creating it!

On The Palisade ep4

New Animation from RicePirate and Myself!


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2012-12-08 12:07:50

I think the next time you should link all the episodes. Honestly, rewatching this from 1 to 4, is such an awesome experience to see a simple flash toon turn into a series. I'm really proud of the work we did, and even more so that you followed through on it.

Jonimator responds:

Oh ya that's not a bad idea! Maybe I'll update the flash today and put the other links up. There's definitely plenty of room on the loading page haha


2012-12-08 17:04:31

So awesom! so mutch for an stealth mission *chop chop chop* ^^ . good job guys *claps* i realy enjoyd it ^^

Jonimator responds:

Glad ya enjoyed it! Cheers!